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Agus Holdings has been involved in the real estate investment industry close to 30 years. It currently owns and operates approximately 1 million square feet of real estate in New York and New Jersey. The primary focus of Agus Holdings is to locate under-performing retail assets in areas with strong fundamentals, and then realize the upside potential through partnerships with retailers and management techniques

We currently focus on acquiring value add commercial assets throughout New York and New Jersey and are vertically integrated with management, leasing and underwriting. 

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Jonathan Agus, Founder and Principal of Agus Holdings, is a visionary entrepreneur with over three decades of experience, propelling the remarkable success of the company. Cultivating a profound passion for storefront retail, Jonathan has translated this into a thriving business in real estate and retail. He's made impactful contributions in various segments of the retail landscape, establishing successful ventures and showcasing a keen understanding of market trends. Jonathan's investment decisions span a diverse range of real estate ventures, resulting in a formidable portfolio that spans regions and asset classes.

Idit Agus, Co-founder of Agus Holdings, traces her entrepreneurial spirit back to her upbringing, which revolved around the intersection of family and real estate business. Growing up in such an environment, she was deeply influenced by her father's unwavering passion for developing properties and businesses, which sparked her own enthusiasm for the industry. This familial backdrop laid the foundation for her journey into the world of real estate and retail. After studying home décor at FIT, Idit temporarily put her professional aspirations on hold to prioritize raising her seven children. Despite the demands of motherhood, her entrepreneurial drive remained undiminished. She found pockets of time amidst the chaos of parenting to delve into tenant leasing, demonstrating her commitment to staying engaged in the industry. Her experiences as a mother of seven not only honed her multitasking skills but also instilled in her a profound sense of resilience and determination. As her children grew and became more independent, Idit seized the opportunity to immerse herself further in real estate ventures, actively scouting for potential acquisitions and exploring opportunities for tenant leasing.

Josh Agus serves as the Principal of Agus Holdings, providing leadership in acquisitions, finance, and management. His exceptional track record comprises over 50 successful transactions and real estate value exceeding $500 million. Notably, Josh is acclaimed for forging strategic partnerships with distinguished retailers like Food Bazaar, Western Beef, ShopRite, PlantShed, and more. Through these impactful collaborations, he has adeptly transformed retail properties into flourishing destinations. With profound industry insights, Josh continues to lead the way in shaping the landscape of retail real estate.

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Chanie Milworn brings her passion for real estate to Agus Holdings as she directs asset management responsibilities. With a Masters in Real Estate Development from NYU Schack, she plays a pivotal role at Agus Holdings, guiding projects from inception through completion, including pre-development, design, permitting, zoning, and construction. Since joining in 2017, she's excelled in lease negotiations and joint venture partnerships, driven by collaboration and deal finalization. Within Agus Holdings, Chanie finds an environment fostering camaraderie and professional growth.

Adam Agus serves as the Director of Leasing at Agus Holdings, where his keen eye for opportunities drives success. Renowned for strategic negotiations and relationship-building, Adam plays a pivotal role in leasing operations. Committed to delivering value for tenants, he curates impressive opportunities across retail asset classes, ensuring Agus Holdings remains a leader in real estate.